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Self Portrait Dresses That You Must-Have

Self Portrait was Launched in Autumn 2013 by Han Chong, the Central St Martins alumnus has struck a beautiful balance between femininity and edge with his collections over the years. Known for his guipure Self Portrait dresses and lacey separates mixed in with detailed embroidery and sheer overlays, Self Portrait has quickly become one of the most lauded contemporary brands. At an affordable price point his pieces range between £180 and £500. I’ve adored this brand for the last couple of years, quickly collecting some gorgeous pieces in my wardrobe. Here are 4 of the most popular dresses from this season…


Self Portrait
Self Portrait

When I saw this baby blue mini in Selfridges a few weeks ago I knew that it had to be mine! The intricately cut embroidery and sheer floral mesh are a prime example of Han Chong’s expert craftsmanship. It’s the perfect dress to add to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a summer occasion dress. I love the asymmetric wrap in the upper bodice which is finished off with a pretty knot on the shoulder. Wear it in the day with some simple flats or dress it up for an event with strappy heels and a small clutch bag.


Self Portrait
Self Portrait

This fit and flare silhouette ensures maximum femininity. Adorned with tiers of beautiful lace it’s an ultra-intricate design lavished with navy, black and burgundy. This pretty little number could be worn with pointy pumps in the day and sky high heels for the evening – perfect!


Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Full of feminine details, this capped sleeve crimson dress displays gorgeous tiers of woven stars.  It’s crafted from Han Chong’s signature material, guipure lace which created in intricate panels creates a lovely silhouette. Pair it with a delicate heels and some simple accessorises to complete the look.


Self Portrait
Self Portrait

The pleated crepe skirt and the sumptuous guipure lace bodice make this a striking maxi dress for effortless evening dressing. Delicate ruffle details and pretty cutouts add a subtle peek-a-boo effect. Style this floor grazing number with heels for a sleek silhouette.

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Tips of Wearing Herve Leger Dresses

Hever Leger Dresses can help you a lot for woman to look her best, but many women who are not completely happy about her body. If you are overweight or feel uncomfortable about your weight, dressing to look slim may help you feel better about yourself. Use these helpful tips on how to dress to look slim.

  • Dress in one color from head to toe. When you dress in one color from head to toe, the eyes are more focused on the vertical column of color than the width of the figure proportions. This will create a slimming look and is known as monochromatic dressing.
  • Wear dark and neutral colors. Avoid wearing light and bright colors and stick to dressing in dark and neutral colors. The lighter and brighter colors appear to advance towards you and create volume. Avoid creating more volume to your look, so stick with the dark and neutral colors.
  • Avoid too tight clothes. Wear clothes that fit and flatter your figure, not clothes that draw attention to the wrong places. You will be more comfortable and not so self-conscious in clothes that fit.
  • Choose accessories that flatter your figure. Avoid large belts if your tummy is a problem area because the large belt will draw attention to your tummy. Avoid short necklaces if you have a double chin because it will draw attention to your chin. Longer necklaces will be more flattering. Look for accessories that flatter your figure and don’t draw attention to problem areas.
Hever Leger Dress
Hever Leger Dress
  • Create a layered look. Choose a jacket, sweater, or vest to layer over your blouse or shirt and created a slimmer look. Avoid a shorter jacket and opt for a jacket that is hip length or longer. If you choose to wear a jacket, be sure to wear it unbuttoned so a vertical line at the torso is created, thus resulting in a slimmer look.
  • Wear heeled shoes. With Herve Leger Women Slim Dresses skirts or dress pants, wear at minimum a small-heeled shoe. The higher the heel is on a shoe, the slimmer you will look.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. Focus on the positive qualities you have, such as your smile, eyes, legs, hair and so on. The goal is to dress to look slim, focus on the positive and cover up the negative. Continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly and learn to love your body the way it is.

The Herve Leger dress sale is available now online you can look types of Herve Lerger dresses and clothing online with the best customer service.

Hever Leger Dress
Hever Leger Dress

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Three Types Of Herve Leger Dress Sale

Young ladies may think they have less choices to wear a suitable dress which can make them look suitable for the fixed occasions and look younger at the same time. Now Herve Leger Sale online store just provide some bandage dresses with pink element to show their young temperament.

Herve Leger Britney Strapless Two-tone Red Bandage Dress

Have you ever dreaming about standing out from the crowd, and then you should try this beautiful Herve Leger Pink Dress – Rose Britney Spears Favorite. Boasting a noble and elegant look, this Herve Leger Pink Strapless Dress enables the full blossom of your unique temperament. This high-quality Herve Leger Dress Strapless also features the meticulous design at the bodice and the hem. Do not lose time in grabbing this charming Herve Leger Rose Britney Spears Favorite Pink Dress with a reasonable price.

Herve Leger Dress
Herve Leger Dress

Herve Leger Color Fringe Strapless Chromatic Stripe Bodycon Dress

Make your life more attractive and wonderful by dressing up this gorgeous Herve Leger Chromatic stripe Dress – Color Fringe Strapless. Boasting a noble and elegant look, this Herve Leger Chromatic stripe Strapless Dress enables the full blossom of your unique temperament. Every detail of this Herve Leger Strapless has been fully considered when designed, ensuring it to be fit to your body perfect. Boost your confidence with this beautiful Herve Leger dress sale Color Fringe Strapless Chromatic stripe Dress putting on!

Herve Leger Strapless Peach Blush Pink Bodycon Chest Wrap Dress

Make your life more attractive and wonderful by dressing up this gorgeous Herve Leger Pink Dress – Above The Knee Strapless Peach Blush. Every cut of this Herve Leger Pink Strapless Dress is well designed to full show the beautiful outline of your body. With the sparkling of the sophisticate design, this lovely Herve Leger Strapless fully reveals your feminine appeal. Live a more glamorous life with this beautiful Herve Leger Above The Knee Strapless Peach Blush Pink Dress accompanying.

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You Can Look Classy With Self Portrait Dress

Are you heading to a professional outing that would require you to look your finest? Are you looking for a new professional outfit that would most definitely impress the people at the party? There’s a new type that you would definitely love to try out in Self Portrait dress sale online.

Self-portrait is the dress that you can wear to professional outings like business meetings, family weddings, conferences, or any other classy speaking events. You can dress in your very own style while making a strong, classy impression.

The reason that you can do this is because the Self Portrait Style is a relatively new style that you can use to wow the guests at your parties.

There’s one more thing that you have to know, however. Self Portrait dresses can make you look like a million dollars. However, you don’t want to have to spend a million dollars on a dress foolishly.

Luckily, we’re having a sale for Self Portrait dresses so you can look like a million dollars but without stupidly wasting a million dollars. You can look stylish, sexy, and smart thanks to our Self Portrait Sale.

Self Portrait dress sale
Self Portrait dress sale

Look Classy Without Going Broke

Yes, it is very much true. You can look classy and wealthy without having to feign it foolishly. That was the foundation for this type in the first place.

“There was a big gap in the fashion industry and I wanted to close it”, the Malaysian native fashion designer and Self Portrait founder Han Chong stated. What he is referring to are the price points of dress.

The fashion gap in dresses is in the price point. There are some dresses that are more stupidly expensively at the price points of thousands of dollars. There’s no Self Portrait sale to save the dresses from that expensive price point.

However, Chong stated that the Self-Portrait dress was created so that people would be able to look classy and distinct without having to mortgage their home or go insanely into debt.

The proof of this is that certain retailers such as Net-a-Porter and Bergdorf picked up Han Chong’s line and are selling the Self Portrait dresses at $400 to $700 range. This is more affordable compared to spending $2,500 on an elegant dress that you don’t wear often at all.

To demonstrate the point that you can wear classy Self Portrait dress and still look adorably classy by going to our Self Portrait sale so that way both you and your wallet can be happy.

Self Portrait dress sale
Self Portrait dress sale

Take Advantage of This Chance

So, take advantage of the Self Portrait Sale so you can look classy, be the envy of the party, and get complimented on your Self Portrait dress because of its novel style. Speaking of the novel style of the Self Portrait dress, these types of dresses are relatively new.

Unless you are consciously associating yourself with people who are fashionably conscious producers, your new, novel type of Self Portrait Sale would stand out at the party.

“Your dress looks absolutely amazing.” “Where did you get your dress?” “I wish I could afford a dress like that.” These are some of the compliments that you can expect to hear at outings when you take advantage of the Self Portrait Sale.

These type of fancy dresses are expensive. Even at traditional retailers, like the aforementioned above, you could be spending upwards of $400.

You can still buy there at a traditional retailer and still look professional; however, you have aims to put that money into something else that has your eye, you can definitely buy an elegant, novel dress through this Self Portrait Sale.

Self Portrait dress sale
Self Portrait dress sale



The Fashion Herve Leger Dress You Can’t Miss

Herve Leger is a brand from France, the brand established in 1985, is a famous fashion design house in Pari. And made his name famous with body-conscious clothes favored by socialites and celebrities. The famous bandage dress is still as in demand today as it was in the 80s. The inherently sexy line is now designed by Max Azria, who has added modern twists such as embellishments and luxurious knits.

Herve Leger Dress is committed to shaping the women’s physical beauty,  there are lines showing gentle sense of female silhouette. Herve Leger Dress everywhere are cut close to the body, carving out the perfect female body shape, and thus get the image of “Herve Bandage Dress” name. Whether on the red carpet to attend the ceremony or participate in town meetings, Herve Bandage Dress will be for you to create a memorable image.

Herve Leger Dress
Herve Leger Dress

In order to meet the market demand growth, Herve Leger designer released by MaxAzria design cocktail dresses series and the Herve Leger sale online store. Soon, clothing wholesalers around the world will cooperate with the Herve Leger clothing brought to the world. From its inception, Herve Leger designer eye-catching and sexy style has attracted many international customers, and now you can buy the Herve Leger dress sale online which has the world’s most beautiful and fashionable women.

Hollywood stars such as SharonStone, LindsayLohan, CatherineZeta-Jones, CharlizeTheron, Beyonce, ChristinaAguilera, JanetJackson, EvaMendes, NicoleRichie, JessicaSimpsonEvaLongoria and JessicaBiel HerveLeger etc. have become the most loyal fans. Herve Leger name forever and Hollywood glitter and glamor together.

Herve Leger adds to the inherent curve-contouring design of this bandage dress by finishing it with raised, tonal seams. Bandage knit widens and tapers to create hourglass effects.



The Self-Portrait Dress Is Worth

Chances are you have heard of Self-Portrait. I want to make this absolutely clear – I discovered the brand way before it was really discovered. You know what I mean? It’s a London based brand born out of Central St. Martins (one of the best design schools in the world) and I love their aesthetics. Self Portrait dresses are very feminine, very romantic and wispy. A Self-Portrait dress is the perfect dress – you cannot argue with that. So what’s the verdict?

The Shopping Experience:

I bought Self Portrait dress and a jacket from a sample sale. They don’t have a separate store but sell on online and certain other department stores. I don’t think it would be fair to comment on the sample sale experience as the Self Portrait store experience. Of course if you buy their clothing from Self Portrait Dress Sale online store it will be similar to any other item you purchase from Selfridges.

The Price:

A Self-Portrait dress is usually about £250 to £500 bucks each. That’s quite a bit! I will confess and say I got mine for £50 bucks and spent another £50 altering it. This is pretty much the only ‘occasion’ dress I own and will probably be wearing this to every wedding needs to wear something decent to. The price I paid is definitely worth the dress. And you can buy the Self Portrait Sale online.

Self Portrait Dress
Self Portrait Dress

The Pattern and Design of Self Portrait Dress:

As you can see, the Self Portrait designs are striking. These are beautiful dresses and of course, very popular and you can see this by how many other brands have copied this design. The Self Portrait guipure lace dress was what sparked the whole transparent paneled dress trend which everyone from Reiss to Whistles. I loved their dresses but I saw this picture on Instagram and fell in love with this particular Self Portrait dress. My favorite colors, understated and still edgy. I hunted for this dress like a crazy person! And honestly, this dress was the only reason I went to the sample sale. I went in and only looked for black and white and couldn’t believe my luck when I found the dress.

The Quality:

There is no doubt about it. The quality of these Self Portrait dresses is top notch. You know the material is of a good quality – it’s very heavy, the pleats in the skirt are perfect and the lace is of fantastic quality. However, seeing the quality I can take a guess that this is the kind of dress you keep for a long time. You take it out and wear to every fancy occasion you get an invite to. This is exactly what I wanted and intent to do.

So Will I Buy Again?

Well, honestly, yes, I might. If I need another fancy dress I will probably look at the same brand. I also think for up to about £200-250 their dresses are great value. But above that is when I start questioning the value. If I find the Self Portrait dresses sale I would definitely like to pick one up.