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Buscemi Shoes Is Made With the Finest Materials of Italian Leather

The Buscemi shoes  cannot be compared with all the other sneakers because they are made with the finest materials and in an exclusive factory in Civitanova, Italy, that produces footwear also for important brands like Chanel and Golden Goose.

The inner soul of the Buscemi pieces is a mix of urban style and Italian craftsmen’s skills.

Normally we associate the word “shoes” or the sneakers and the adjective “luxurious” with fabulous high heels, precious loafers or handmade boots. Two young sneaker connoisseurs, Jon Buscemi and Rob Heppler, they decided to shake up the thoughts of the fashion system creating valued shoes with an unconventional design. They found the inspiration from the street of New York City but they decided to give a life to their products where the finest shoes on the market have origin: the Marche, in Italy.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

The Buscemi sale online store including the Buscemi sneakers with Effortless style, iconic design, sumptuous details, high quality leather, exquisite materials, and handcrafted pieces: these are the key words of the innovative brand Buscemi which is regards as the idea of “luxurious and expensive”.

The first creation Buscemi is the Buscemi 100MM  high top sneaker, a high quality classic shoe made in a full grain Italian leather enriched by one of the strongest symbol of the brand: a working lock and padlock made in 18 karat golden platedetails on the ankle strap. Another emblem of the Buscemi footwear is the rubber sole beneath each shoe, which can be white or the same color of the leather. The models are almost the same every season, what change are the colors, the textures of the leather, the height or little details. That’s the reason why the Buscemi products are so recognizable and with a strong identity.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

Their popularity grew more and more also thanks to the many collaborations with talented designers, world class retailers and creative artists who helped Buscemi becoming part of the luxury industry.

With the success of Buscemi shoes and sneakers all around the world. The company has decided to extend their target designing accessories and footwear for both women and men. The Buscemi  woman collection is characterized by the classic Buscemi shape with a touch of femininity.

Source: https://buscemisale.blogspot.com/

The BUSCEMI 125 MM Sneakers Review 

As for the Buscemi shoes had a huge success, that’s why the founders decided to extend their  accessories and footwear not only for men but for women as well.

The Buscemi 125 MM sneaker  was hand crafted in Civitanova, Italy. The luxury shoe capital of the world! This sneaker was beautifully constructed in full-grain Italian calf leather available in black, white, or guts red. Details include hand painted edges, their signature heel handle, 18K gold-plated brass lock and key set and cotton waxed laces. These shoes are available in limited quantities at our stores or over the phone.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

Buscemi Sneakers is from the mind of Jon Buscemi and is one of the hottest luxury sneaker brands out there. Mr. Buscemi is from Long Island, NY and was influenced by the fashion in his area that was a melting pot of different cultures. Before becoming a fashion designer Jon was a stockbroker who was also an avid sneaker head with 600+ sneakers.

The first creation from Buscemi is the 100MM high top sneaker, a high quality classic shoe made in a full grain Italian leather enriched by one of the strongest symbol of the brand: a working lock and padlock made in 18 karat golden platedetails on the ankle strap. Another emblem of the Buscemi footwear is the rubber sole beneath each shoe, which can be white or the same color of the leather. The models are almost the same every season, what change are the colors, the textures of the leather, the height or little details. That’s the reason why the Buscemi products are so recognizable and with a strong identity.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

The Buscemi sale is available online now with worldwide free shipping.

Source: http://www.buscemi-outlet.com/blog

The Buscemi sale


For fashion lovers, especially those obsessed with sneakers, it is important to have something that no one else has or at least be the first to own the item. Luxury sneakers always make a fashion statement, but for them to be attractive, they have to be exclusive, and Jon Buscemi understands that. The brand produces a limited number of sneakers that are rarely advertised and are creatively designed. The market is flooded with sneakers, but from the Buscemi sale , you can get the most classic sneaker.

Buscemi sale

The craftsmanship displayed in the Buscemi sneakers  is like no other. The sneakers are handmade by artisans from Italy, Civitanova and they are made of fine leather. Whether you need running sneakers or fashionable sneakers to match your modish look, the Buscemi sale should be a destination.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

Fashion designers are obsessed with color since it does not only beautify the look; it also adds some liveliness and happiness. Whether you love red, black navy blue or white sneakers, the Buscemi sale got you covered. The sneakers give you a personality with their emblems of gold-plated locks, stitch applicate and hand-painted edges.

Do you need training shoes? Get the Ventura low top runner, a cross-training performance shoe, from the Buscemi sale. The shoe sole is lightweight and has a high grip bottom, and it comes in style with a hand-sewn upper triangle speed lacing system.

The iconic 100MM is for anyone who loves making a fashion statement. The shoe is made with full grain Italian calf leather, and it is craftily designed with key clochette, heel handle, and hand-painted edges. The 100MM has a silver plated hardware with a signature lock and a belt closure. Durable traction is a guarantee with the shoe’s sole.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes

A Buscemi boot is a must-have. It is a classic work boot impeccably designed with canvas. It is garnished with a signature heel lock, galvanized gold alloy lace grommets and key clochette. The boot comes with a rubber sole, and durable traction is assured.

If you are not in the mood for closed shoes, the Buscemi shoes are a perfect choice since they are effortless and they naturally fit in between sporty and casual. Whether you want to go to the beach, hit the gym or just walk around the street you can count on the Buscemi slides for utmost comfort. They are flexible since they can easily match any outfit, be it shorts, sweat pants or jeans and they cater to your active lifestyle. The slides are low profile, neutral and are simply designed with full-grain Italian calf leather. The slides are suitable for any event including late night practice and hot summer days, since the rubber sole warrants durable traction.

Buscemi shoes
Buscemi shoes


Shoes say a lot about you and Buscemi shoes are the perfect pair to highlight your aggressiveness. Buscemi shoes guarantee quality and class, and anyone with a pair is held in high regard. Give yourself a treat at the Buscemi sale with a shoe that speaks volumes.

Source: https://buscemisale.blogspot.com/

Buscemi Sneaker Sale

Buscemi sneakers are well known for being hand crafted in Italy. That gives each pair a distinct leek and global appeal among buyers. The pair is typically a high top sneaker that covers the ankle. Expect superior leek and feel to these popular Buscemi sneakers too. There is a new Buscemi sale that promotes these sneakers in stock. That will help the pair sell well among people who want a great deal. The iconic pair of shoes can be bought for a relatively low price. Read the reviews and get to know more about the manufacturer.

These Buscemi Shoes actually come in a variety of distinct colors. The manufacturer has worked to make shoes that appeal to everyone over time. Take a look at the various styles that are on display. Buscemi sneakers are a popular addition to any shoe collection for people. Fans are always waiting for the next Buscemi sale for them. That should keep people in the loop and ready tobuy. Share info with friends about the next Buscemi sale that is arriving very seen.

Buscemi Shoes
Buscemi Shoes

Choose the right pair and the right size for these shoes too. A catalog will detail some of the sizes that are now for sale. That makes it easier to buy the best Buscemi sneakers that are on the market. The Buscemi sale will encourage people to shop for their favorite shoes. Feel free to buy the shoes in bulk and stock up for the house. That makes the shoes easy to add to a growing collection. True fans like to show off their sneaker collection for these interested.

Buscemi Shoes
Buscemi Shoes

Be ready to pay a fair price for a great pair of sneakers. The Buscemi sale is probably the best time to pay great prices for the shoes. Expect to pay for shipping and handling fees if the order is placed via the catalog. That will get the shoes shipped out and to a doorstep in no time. Customers have been pleased with the service they receive so far. That has helped buyers find the perfect shoe for their feet. Many people will become true fans of the brand name.


Why you Need to take Advantage of Buscemi Sale Today

For many people who love shoes, they understand that there is some confidence that comes with rocking a pair of awesome kicks. Do you have an extra $400-1350 lying around and looking to buy a new pair of shoes? Then you are in luck, Buscemi sale is here. With subsidized prices, for a couple of hundred dollars, you can grab a pair of Buscemi MM 120 low sneakers or the trendy Buscemi uno low. You cannot find a better deal for designer sneakers anywhere else.

For a majority of shoe lovers, especially sneakers, the primary motivation for buying new shoes is to have something that not many people do or be the first. Exclusivity is one thing that Buscemi sneakers offer their customers. Even with limited advertising and limited production, Buscemi sneakers still manage to make a significant impact on the market. Which raises the question, what is so unique about this particular brand of shoes? Well for starters, here are a few things that should convince you to take advantage of the next Buscemi sale.


Wide Variations of Designs

When it comes to dressing, you need a shoe that matches your outfit. Buscemi sneakers come in a wide variety of designs to fit your every outfit. From high top trainers to low top Ventura trainers, Buscemi offers its customers a chance to choose which sneaker fits their style. The best thing is that each of their sneakers comes with the brand’s signature lock and key which is the main indicator that you are buying an authentic Buscemi sneaker.

Blend with Every Situation

With Buscemi sneakers, you can blend in anywhere. The brand incorporates mixed Italian craftsmanship to come up with skate-inspired yet classic sneakers. With their wide variety of designs, colour and craftsmanship, you can easily find a sneaker that blends with every situation or event. For example, if you are looking to rock low cut pants, you can match it with the Buscemi low canvas sneakers or pair Buscemi Corda high sneakers with full pants. Apart from giving you a fresh look, it inspires confidence which is essential in helping you blend with every situation.

Flexible Prices

Many times, with designer sneakers, the cost may be outlandishly high thus making it impossible to get a pair. However, with Buscemi sneakers, you have a wide variation of sneakers to choose from with as little as $400. You can get a handmade Ventura sneaker for less than $700. For a designer shoe, that is an irresistible deal. Take advantage of the Buscemi sale which guarantees up to 65% off on the prices to grab yourself a pair of affordable sneakers today. Their wide variation of sneakers to choose from makes it worth your money.

Stylish and Elegant

One thing that sets Buscemi apart from other brands is their ability to incorporate different styles and still manage to come up with elegant shoes. Popular for its revolutionary twist on casual footwear, the brand’s sneakers are perfect for finding the balance between laid-back and formal style which will go with your every rotation. If standing out is what you are looking for then look no further, Buscemi sale is where you need to look.

Whether you are a sneaker enthusiast or just a fashion fanatic, you cannot afford to miss the Buscemi sale.

Go to visit the online store today and browse through their extensive inventory to find a shoe that captures your heart (chances are you will find what you are looking for). Remember, with Buscemi sneakers, every day is a great day to stand out.

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Over 55% Sale on BUSCEMI SALE Online

Stand-Out In Luxury with BUSCEMI Sneakers

The high-fashion-meets-streetwear trend is at an all-time high now, and BUSCEMI, isn’t disappointing, as is evident in their collection of sneakers. A popular favorite inspired by street style, intention, art and clean passion, BUSCEMI sneakers are handcrafted gems handmade by craft workers in Italy. BUSCEMI incorporates the finest leathers and high-end embellishments, including, but not limited to 18k gold locks. The sneakers’ edges are hand-painted and exquisitely hand-stitched — a process which takes over 24 hours to execute!

BUSCEMI Sneakers
BUSCEMI Sneakers

Luxe Wear

Although some folks may think it absurd to spend top dollar on a pair of sneakers, most of us value the quality materials, the respectable creativity of high fashion designers and most of all the artisan craftsmanship. Be it the love for premium quality or the flexing rights of outstanding designs, BUSCEMI luxury sneakers are the go-to option in the menswear fashion category.

lmpeccable Details

BUSCEMI sneakers are available in gorgeous colors such as brick red, exotic materials such as calfskin and high-end metals such as gold. They also feature cool embellishments such as the signature padlock logo, spikes, grommets and stud add-ons.

BUSCEMI Sneakers
BUSCEMI Sneakers

BUSCEMI sale store offers the perfect pair to execute the trendy “athleisure look” worn and endorsed by celebrities, musicians and fashion designers worldwide. It’s worth to note that BUSCEMI brand also features a wide variety of women, men, and children wear. Furthermore, BUSCEMI is responsible for the most stylish backpacks, leather belts and shoes — all in vibrant hues, glossy finishes, sharp detailing, and a flair for extravagance that is true to BUSCEMI.

The curious thing about BUSCEMI apparel is the ability to incorporate color and embellishments and still appear sleek — not so over the top — while setting you apart from the rest.

BUSCEMI Sneakers
BUSCEMI Sneakers


Feel like a million bucks without spending as much, by taking advantage of the over 55% BUSCEMI sale on all items.

Don’t give up comfort to look great, and don’t just look good only on special events! BUSCEMI brings you comfort and style, both for special occasions and everyday life!

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BUSCEMI Sneakers On Sale Now – Up to 70% Off

BUSCEMI Sneakers Are On Sale Now.

BUSCEMI Sale – Up to 70% Off.

The sale gets you a discount of 50% – 70% off the price of a pair of cool BUSCEMI sneakers.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are ace, top-of-the-line sneakers representing the integrity and passion for street style of Mr. Jon Buscemi.

The BUSCEMI store is a verified retailer of authentic BUSCEMI sneakers. Buy from our store and receive our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Check out our 100mm High Tops. These BUSCEMI Sneakers are on sale in both Clean Nubuck and 100% leather. We also have high-top trainers and mid-top trainers on sale. My eye is sticking to the high-top graffiti sneakers in red. There’s a huge discount on these – they’re down from nearly $1K in price to just over USD$300.

The Limited Run Camo High-top Trainers Sneakers are about the same price. It’s sneakers like these that reinforce BUSCEMI’s reputation for style and self- expression.

The Buscem Men padlock leather high-top trainers are on sale in either black or white. The gold-toned hardware and key hanging tab at the side are BUSCEMI trademarks, as are the luxurious quality and unique craftsmanship.

UNO low lace-up sneakers are on sale

In black and white. These sneakers feature more BUSCEMI hallmarks, such as edges that are hand-painted and gold alloy heel hardware and grommets. These are ever-popular, classic sneakers that will last a lifetime. The EVA soles are a super-cool BUSCEMI specialty.

The Oceano pull-on Soho boot is on sale in red and blue Nubuck. This no-lace, pull on boot is made from easy-wearing Nubuck. Pull these 100mm boots on with the heel pull at the back. We know a top-notch DJ who wears these boots.


Take a look at the BUSCEMI 100mm Black Croc Sneakers. These high-top sneakers have it all – the embossed BUSCEMI Logo, the extra-large heel handle, the belt-closure around the ankle, the gold-plated hardware and lock. These high-tops could be called an exclusive BUSCEMI status symbol.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are coveted for their “innovation, quality and scarcity” to quote Jon BUSCEMI himself.

We know you won’t leave our store without making a purchase. If you haven’t made a decision yet, you need to check out the King Sneaker – the BUSCEMI 100mm Chester Foil/ Gold. Along with the characteristic heel handle, Jon BUSCEMI has added a 3-piece closure and lock around the ankle. All hardware is gold-plated.

BUSCEMI puts high-end design genius into all his sneakers. Buy them now at our store which is an authentic BUSCEMI outlet.

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Buscemi Sale Online for Women and Men

Buscemi sneakers are made with a full-grain Italian leather upper and 18K gold details on the ankle strap and a lock. The details on these sneakers make it look sophisticated and will accessories your look well. They are a statement pieces to rock all year long and as timeless as the Birkin.

Jon Buscemi started out as an avid sneaker collector with roots in New York and Long Island. The designer grew up in the hip-hop and skateboarding scene in that area, and found his love for shoes through those sub-cultures.

Buscemi sneakers
Buscemi sneakers

Born in 2013, Jon’s eponymous luxury brand launched in Paris in June of that year and sold out immediately. The brand set its sights on being high luxury and even opulent, offering the highest quality in leather, Italian craftsmanship and finishing, with a hip-hop edge.

The now infamous Buscemi 100mm and Buscemi 125mm styles were originally inspired by one of the most sought after of handbags, the Birkin bag my Hermès. Today, sportsmen and celebrities are often seen donning these “obnoxiously elegant” sneakers.


Make sure to head to Level Shoes to see the special Buscemi pop-ups for men and women or shop all of the Buscemi sale online.

Men can now rock the JonBuscemi 100 MM high top leather sneakers that are the Hermes Birkin Handbag inspired in the shoe version. They are considered as “obnoxiously high quality goods” made in Civitanova, Italy in the factory where well known luxury goods from Chanel, Golden Goose and many more brands are made.

Check more detail via: https://buscemisale.blogspot.com/

Buscemi Sneakers Sale Offers

Buscemi sneakers are generally famed for being warm, classy, durable, and comfortable. They are meant for youthful men and women who are passionate about fashion. Indeed, these sneakers are worthy possessions and a ‘must have’ by anyone keen to keep pace with the latest fashion trends.

It is, therefore, our joy to let you know of the ongoing Buscemi Sale. We actually have a variety of Buscemi sneakers in our collection for sale. We urge you to pay keen attention to the following descriptions in order to get started.

Buscemi sneakers
Buscemi sneakers

Products on Offer

As we have already stated, we have in stock a wide variety of Buscemi sneakers. They are suited for both men and women. They are also of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and are also suited for various occasions.

Examples of these sneakers include the Buscemi’s High-top Sneakers, Buscemi’s Low-top Sneakers, Buscemi’s Mid-top Sneakers, Buscemi Boots, and Buscemi Slides, to mention but a few!

We also have a collection of various other relevant items in our possession. These include T-shirts, pouches, bags, and trousers that can rhyme perfectly well with the sneakers.

Please visit our website: http://www.buscemi-outlet.com/ for a comprehensive listing of all the products we have in our collections.

Price and Sales Terms

Prices vary accordingly. They are mainly determined by the exact product of interest, their size, and the overall quality of the product altogether. Being prestigious and of very high quality, these sneakers will cost you a great deal of money. Their prices range from $100 to $200.

Click here to get to know more about Buscemi sneakers sale that the exact products we have on offer as well as their corresponding prices.

Buscemi sneakers
Buscemi sneakers

Where to buy them

You will find these sneakers in just about every other retail outlet, footwear store, and the online auction sites.

However, given that we have been involved in the sale of these shoes for quite some time, we are better placed to guide you in making the right decision. You should, therefore, look no further than us for all your purchases.

Call for Action

Do not be left out of the ongoing Buscemi outlet! We invite you now to pay a visit to our shops and premises to place an order. A member of our very robust sales team is always on standby and very eager to receive your order and execute it promptly. We look forward to supplying your latest Buscemi sneakers soonest possible!



Best Ways to Purchase Buscemi Sneakers Sale

In order to successfully choose and purchase a pair of Buscemi sneakers, it is important to first find a style as well as a specific colorway you prefer. Of course, Buscemi sneaker designs are somewhat a bit iconic, and have many different basic colors that can accentuate a wide range of outfit choices. Buscemi sneakers can range from simple slip on styles, to high tops that are designed with extra additions and are available in many colors. Even trainers and athletic styled sneakers are available for individuals looking for either a more comfortable fit, or shoes to help benefit their athletic lifestyle. Of course, with the supreme and high quality leather designs used in Buscemi sneakers are listed at no low price, so it is important to find the perfect pair if you intend on saving up to purchase them, or if this would be an initial one time luxury purchase.
Best Way to find Buscemi Sneakers Outlet

The best way to seek out Buscemi sale that have recently went on sale, is to plan to purchase them from one of the various select department stores. Buscemi sneakers are known to be sold at highly known and represented department stores such as Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. At first, you may easily select a store just due to personal preference over another, but it all can narrow down to which department store offers the best deals and includes the best sales. While all three of the stores seem to include a varied and good size selection of Buscemi sneakers, gender selections are actually different between just two department stores. Bergdorf goodman unfortunately only includes Buscemi sneakers in men’s sizes, while Neiman marcus luckily carries Buscemi sneakers available for both genders. The main reason it is obviously better to search for a pair of Buscemi sneakers in a department store is because special benefits may be included with the final purchase. These benefits can range from small bonuses such as free shipping, but you may be able to gain some credit which in return can help you save up for another luxuriously crafted pair of Buscemi sneakers, or you can even be able to purchase the sneakers for less if they are on sale.
Buscemi Sneakers
Buscemi Sneakers
Best Ways to purchase Buscemi sneakers on sale

It is obviously apparent that purchasing Buscemi sneakers sale is the best way to manage your cash, and to finally receive a pair of buscemi sneakers. It is important to seek out sales, as if one pair if on sale, then it is probably effecting the list prices of other available sneakers listed by the same designer. It is also very important to manage your time, because the sneakers can sell out very quickly, or the sale might only be for a short and limited time. Clearance sales also seem to be a viable option, seeing as these types of sales include the best deals and prices. Neiman Marcus seems to include clearance sales with a wide variety of shoes as new fashion seasons come and go. It would appear that Bergdorf goodman doesn’t include many clearance sales, but when they do pose a sale of Buscemi sneakers, they can sometimes be comparatively better, especially if the shoes have a lower price point of 400-500$.

Source: https://buscemisneakers.wordpress.com